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Bravo Rome Shopping & Beauty - Cooking Tours & Tasting - Fashion, Arts, Vintage & OutletIntroducing our proposals for the new year. At Bravo we specialize in Beauty in all its different aspects, from men, women and children’s fashions, to home décor, art, jewelry to beauty treatments and SPA tours.

Enjoy our shopping tours, each designed to meet our clients’ particular needs that have been carefully translated in unique tours deriving from years of experience in satisfying our clients’ needs and requests. Opt for the classic Bravo Rome Shopping Tour or visit those secret addresses unique to Bravoromeshoppers and visit the artisans’ studios and ateliers for those special buys and deals making your shopping experience a cultural visit as well!

Rome is also a collector’s paradise and at Bravo we have designed a singular vintage tour for all those looking for a special item from estate or costume jewelry to Chanel and Hermès bags. If you are a fan of home décor, shop with our specialized interior decorators to discover Rome’s home designs or art pieces. For the outlet fans join us on our tour where you can purchase your favorite Valentino dress or special cashmere piece or shoes at over 50% off.

Should you wish to enrich your culinary art or taste the true Italian gelato and espresso, join Bravo on our cooking and gelato tour.

If you truly desire to make your trip a true plush and pampering experience join our new Bravo beauty tours and live Rome at its best, enjoying a moment of relaxation in one of our city’s most beautiful spas and beauty centers in the heart of Rome where true bliss is guaranteed! Enjoy your stay in Rome looking and feeling new and refreshed!

Live as the Romans of Ancient times. Roman Baths & Spa day for beauty and relaxationWhen traveling to a city like Rome, it is often ignored that Ancient Romans were known for being very much aware of their bodies and had a great sense of beauty. Cosmetics were part of the rich women’s daily lives as were the “THERMAE”, our modern day SPAs, which were present in all Roman cities. They were supplied with water from an adjacent river, stream or aqueduct and heated by log fires before being channelled into the hot bathing rooms. Such a tradition has lived on over the centuries and still today Romans are great fans of SPAs, fashion and beauty. 

At Bravo we would like to give our discerning clientele the possibility of living and enjoying our city just as the Romans do in the tradition that has been handed down to us by our forefathers and still lives on! You may browse through our shopping and beauty proposals and combine the tours to your pleasure and heart’s content. If you wish utmost comfort ask for our private luxury car service.


“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) as the Roman poet Juvenal declared thousands of years ago is our motto. Travelling is not only viewing but feeling and living the customs and ways of life. For all those wishing to immerse themselves in the pleasures welcomed but the Ancient Romans, try our pampering tours at


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